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Who We Serve

Global Investigations, Inc. provides a wide range of services and investigations in every area of life and activity.  Civil, criminal, corporate, educational, industrial, institutional, international, and religious matters are chief among them, but our firm is poised to assist our clients in any area of concern.

Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, celebrities, educational entities, law enforcement agencies, fire/rescue departments, property management companies, law firms and philanthropic interests just to name a few.  Investigative objectives include but in no way are limited to personnel integrity; sexual harassment; thefts; code and industry standards and compliance; accidents, personal injury and homicides;  location and recovery of assets; and computer relevant matters.

For more than 20 years our investigators have successfully completed background investigations on individuals who have showed employment, educational or other life activity in the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, Canada and Europe.  We also provide this service to foreign clients desiring to conduct business with US based companies, non-profits and individuals.

Since the tragedy at Columbine HS, and because of its large presence in the investigation of educational matters, Global Investigations, Inc.  has sought to bring Emergency Management and Response to the forefront, both in schools and in the workplace.  To that end we have partnered with Strategic Preparedness and Response, LLC, whose credentials in this area are the envy of the industry;  and this partnership is available to deliver to our clients comprehensive risk assessment, development, design, planning, training, response, mitigation and recovery that is the lifeline of emergency management.


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